3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Email List

While email lists may be common, many entrepreneurs are unsure about putting time into building an email list.

If you are feeling torn about whether you should start one of your own email lists, we have three reasons why you should start building one.

  1. You can control your email list.

Social media is absolutely essential to growing a profitable and engaging business. It connects you to your audience, allows you to share relatable pieces of your story, and builds a trust factor with your ideal client. But only growing your social media can be time consuming when you go at it alone, because you can’t control social media.

You aren’t an expert in Instagram or Facebook marketing. These sites often update their algorithms which can keep you at a constant disadvantage. Luckily, you do have control of your email lists. It’s all yours! No matter what changes happen within social media platforms, you’ll still have an email list full of ideal clients who are there to open your emails and read your most important updates.


  1. You can promote your retail consumer financing.

If you intend to sell products and services, then you need an email list. People hate getting useless spam in their inbox, but they’re willing to scroll through an Instagram feed full of photos from people they’ve never spoken to directly.  Most people are less picky about who they “follow” on social media versus who they subscribe to via email.

So, if someone subscribed to your email list, it means your message resonates with them. They like your content and they love your retail consumer financing option and they want to hear more from you.

For these reasons, it’s incredibly important to take care of your email subscribers. Promote your products to them, and also inform them about your retail consumer financing options.


  1. It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate digitally.

Lastly, an email is the easiest way to share content, offers, retail consumer financing information, and to keep in touch. Not everyone will check your Instagram or your blog everyday, but they most likely check their email everyday. So, if you have something important to share, and want to be sure that your audience receives it, then an email list is an excellent medium to keep in touch.



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