3 Ways St. Patrick’s Day Can Increase Sales for Your Business This Year

St. Patrick’s Day kicks off right before all the major holidays for the year.

It gets people in a great mood to have fun and potentially make purchases. If your business is looking to add more foot traffic, patrons, or convert potential buyers into consumers, you should continue reading. Your business can offer point of sale financing or PayPal working capital as an option to pay for goods and services. Financing Your Way would like to offer three ways St. Patrick’s Day can increase sales for your business this year.

  1. Be creative with promotions

It is a good idea to start advertising discounts and promotions on your inventory or services before St. Patrick’s Day arrives. Rather your business is online or a physical address consumer will be looking to spend their money during this time for several reasons. Before we get into those reasons it is important to think about your customers and what they want this time of year that your competition may not be able to provide.  Many businesses are not able to take advantage of providing their customers with point of sale financing or PayPal working capital as an option. We can help you with providing this option for a competitive edge in the industry.

  1. Do the research

Find out what your customers are looking for to strengthen your relationship. Businesses shouldn’t view customers as just a one transaction relationship, but as a longtime partner, they can trust. Your customer should have the best experience when working with your business. To offer the best experience, customers want efficiency, quality, timeliness, and transparency. Providing point of sale financing and PayPal working capital options may be the touch to keep the recommendations coming and increase your sales this year for St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Be available when they need you

Point of sale financing can give customers more time to not only purchase items but also increase the dollar amount. If your products or services are geared towards the holiday, think about how you can offer more for more in return. Customers during this time may be highly motivated to invest their time and money in a business because of the fun it could bring. Make sure you are ready and have what they are looking for to add to the growth of your business. Financing Your Way can partner with the right lenders to get the conversation started on how to offer PayPal working capital to your customers. You don’t want to miss out.


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