3 Ways to Determine Funding for Your Business Needs

Is now the right now time for your business to take on funding?

Maybe you are considering an expansion, making renovations, increasing inventory, or you just need some extra capital to cover expenses. Whatever the reason may be, how can you tell it’s the right time for your business to seek funding? At Financing Your Way, we are the experts in helping business with all of their funding needs. Here’s our take.


  1. Your business has been successful with consumer lending program implantation.

At Financing Your Way, we offer a  consumer lending program implantation. The purpose of our consumer lending program implantation is to get your business on board with offering consumer finance. “So what does consumer lending have to do with securing funding?” you might wonder. Well, when lenders underwrite loans, they look at your company’s cash flow. One of the great benefits of consumer lending program implantation is that it increases your business cash flow because customers are more willing to purchase your products or services if they know they can pay for them over time. By offering consumer lending options through Financing Your Way, you make your business more attractive to lenders, so this step should always come first before taking on a loan.


  1. You are in the growth phase.

There is a great business analogy that uses the example of a nightclub. When the nightclub becomes so popular that every weekend there’s a line that stretches around the block, this is a great time to invite investors. When the nightclub is dead, this isn’t the ideal time to ask for an investment. The point of this analogy is to prove that when a business is in the growth phase lenders are more inclined to invest. This is because a business in a growth phase has the potential to yield a high return on the investment, while a business in a decline phase can be trusted to pay back a loan. The moral of the story – don’t wait until your business is struggling to seek funding. It’s much easier to secure a loan when your business is excelling.


  1. You have a plan for payback.

Loans have to be paid back, so before you borrow the money you should have a strategic plan to guarantee a payback. The plan should be quantifiable and take time into consideration so that your business can save money on interest and pay the loan back earlier.


When it comes to funding, the team at Financing Your Way should be your go-to guys. Contact us today to learn more about consumer lending program implantation before you seek out funding.



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