4 Different Credit and Loan Options You Should Know As an Entrepreneur

Financing Your Way has a broad list of customers in a wide range of industries, such as automotive services, funeral services, medical and dental, etc.

All businesses, no matter the industry, require a variety of different financial services that fit their individual needs. There are several professional financing sources that you can turn towards when you are in search of ways to finance your business. Look no further if you are going crazy thinking about the kind of loan you need to obtain the goals you have for your business. Read on for the different options you should know as an entrepreneur.

A Line of Credit

This is the most useful type of loan there is for business owners. It will keep your business protected in case there is an emergency and keep the cash flow stalled. This type of loan is essentially meant for the purchase of inventory along with paying off operating costs. It isn’t for the purchase of real estate or any heavy equipment however, however, we do have an umbrella of lenders who can assist with financing equipment for your business.

Installment Loans

As the name suggests, this kind of loan is paid back on a monthly basis which covers both the principal and the interest amount. These loans meet the business needs of a company.

Interim Loans

These loans are paid on a periodic basis to the contractors for the purpose of building new facilities. If you’re looking to open a business or add financing options for your customers, we can educate you on our financing programs.

Secured and Unsecured Loans

Secured loans require a form of collateral; however, the rate of interest is quite low. Financing Your Way provides your customers with different financing options that benefit their business, such as funding within 1-5 days, increased sales and revenue, and no discounting.


These are some of the most popular types of loans you should become familiar with as a business owner. Financing Your Way is the best option for expanding and potentially making your business more successful.  Your financial objectives are important to us. Our lender partners offer no credit check business credit cards for qualified customers. Call us today to find out how we can help you and your business.



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