5 Effective Ways to Boost Holiday Earnings in Your Small Business!

Don’t miss out on holiday revenue! Follow Financing Your Way’s tips for maximizing profits this booming season!

The holiday season is near and now is the time to prepare to ensure your sales are maximized and expenses are minimized. Here are five ways you can boost holiday earning without having to spend additional capital. Things like flexible payment options, staff training and marketing can really help your small business make the most of the season.

  • Offer consumer finance

During holiday season shoppers hunt for bargains and flexible payment options. By offering your shoppers consumer finance options you can effectively boost holiday earnings. At Financing Your Way, we recommend businesses offer multiple consumer finance options so customers with less than perfect credit can qualify. Flexible payment options allow you to turn less customers away and increase sales. There is no risk associated because once a customer is approved, your business receives funding within a few days.

  • Improve your staff’s customer service skills

Financing Your Way offers staff training to ensure your team is ready and can recognize opportunities to offer the consumer finance options. Your staff are the front line for interaction with your customers. Revisit your customer service standards with your team, and provide incentives to motivate your employees to offer consumer financing.

  • Vamp up your social media

Social media is free marketing, and, if used correctly, can boost sales. Your company should post content each day to maintain an audience and speak directly to your customers. Social media is about conversation, be sure to contribute and engage in the discussion with your clients. Learn to use hashtags and find or follow the customers who are your target audience. Also, be sure to engage in the comment section when customers ask questions.

  • Begin your email campaign

If your customer base doesn’t respond to social media, try using an email campaign. Collect email address at checkout and use a professional email service to build your email list and campaigns.

  • Organize your store

The holiday season is stressful for your shoppers, make the purchasing experience pleasurable for your clients. A well-organized store that is easy to navigate with logical product placement will surely boost sales. Place popular products near the register so that customers can be reminded to add their favorite items before checkout.

If you are ready to learn more about consumer finance and offering flexible payment options, click here to contact the helpful staff at Financing Your Way!


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