5 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Reading Your Business Reviews

There’s always room for improvement, especially in business!

As a business owner, you’re busy! But you should take the time to try and grow and evolve. One good way of doing this is taking a gander at your business reviews. You can learn many insightful things about your business this way and make a better experience for your customers going forward!

You are doing great.

If you have more than fifty reviews and they are all 5 stars, this means your customers love what you are doing, and you don’t need to change a thing! Congrats. You are an all-star business. Keep up the great work. If you are like the rest who have the occasional 1, 2, 3, or 4 star reviews, read on to learn how to improve your business reputation online.

You need flexible payment options.

If your clients complain in reviews that your products or services are extremely expensive, you need to make adjustments. Making adjustments doesn’t mean that you need to change your price. You simply need to offer flexible payment options, such as consumer finance. Consumer finance is a great way to help your clients afford your products and services and it will allow you to increase revenue. Your customers will be happy, because they will have the option of paying over time. You don’t take on any additional risk when you offer consumer finance in partnership with Financing Your Way.

Your customer service needs improvement.

If your reviews mention your customers had a poor experience while interacting with your staff, this is an opportunity to revisit the basics of customer service. Customer service is a skill that should be taught on a continuous basis. If you haven’t trained your staff in a while, Financing Your Way can assist with training your staff in the basics of customer service, as well as how to offer consumer finance.

You’re not asking for reviews.

If you don’t have many or any reviews, it’s probably because you are not asking for them. You can you build your reviews online simply by asking your clients for a review. Make the process simple for them by sending the link directly to their phone or computer.

Your customers are unhappy.

If you have all negative reviews, take the time to read each review carefully. Critical feedback is never easy to swallow, but do not to take it personally or respond with negative feedback. Contact the client individually and attempt to fix the situation. Upon reconciling, take the experience as a learning lesson to do better with future client interactions.


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