5 Things Your Business MUST Do Before 2018 Ends

The countdown until 2019 has begun and as we approach the new year, it is important that your business wraps up the year properly.

We have compiled a list of 5 things that your business must do before 2018 ends.

  1. Complete Your Accounting

Taxes will be a priority at the start of 2019, so if your business has not taken the time to ensure your accounting for 2018 has been completed, now is the time to do so. Your accountant should provide an annual profit and loss statement that outlines how your business performed during the year. Don’t wait until the busy tax season of 2019 to get your accounting wrapped up. Use the downtime in December to ensure your business accounting is complete.


  1. Conduct Employee Evaluations

Now is the time to give employees feedback on their performance. Whether they have excelled or fallen short, take time this December to provide a thorough evaluation for every employee in your company, including those at a high level. The best way to develop employees is through leadership and being a great leader requires that you hold your team accountable.


  1. Plan 2019 Trainings

Training separates the professionals from the amateurs in business. In 2019 your business should have at least 4 training sessions planned – one for each season. At Financing Your Way, we recommend business owners begin the new year with a consumer lending program training. This can shape the way your business performs throughout 2019. If your business is interested in consumer lending program training, there is no better time than now to plan your slot for 2019.


  1. Have an Inventory Clearance Sale

Old Inventory from 2019 that hasn’t been sold should be sold at a discount to ensure that you start 2019 with fresh stock. The clearance racks should always be placed near the back of the store to encourage shoppers to view your entire inventory before viewing your sale rack.


  1. Determine Your Goals

Great business owners set objectives. Just as you will set personal goals for the new year, you should set business goals for the new year too. These goals should be revisited quarterly to ensure that your business stays on track during 2019.


There you have it – a list of 5 things your business must do before 2018 ends. If you are interested in scheduling your consumer lending program training contact Financing Your Way today.

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