5 Tips For a Successful Black Friday

In the last 10 years, Black Friday has transformed into a retail holiday and the retail sector enjoys the profits.

Black Friday sales draw out large crowds and prove why retail business discounts aren’t dead. By now, your business should be prepared for Black Friday, but we’d like to offer a few easy tips to help your business have a happy and successful Black Friday.


  1. Organize and showcase your sale racks.

Black Friday shoppers have no time to waste. Your discounted items should be easy to locate so that they can find, buy, and continue to score great deals. Having clearly marked sale racks can help with organization. Throughout the day encourage your staff to continuously organize sale items as they will become disorganized throughout the day.


  1. Offer consumer financing.

A consumer financing program implementation could be just what you are looking for to have a successful Black Friday. It’s simple – the consumer financing program implementation from Financing Your Way will allow your business to easily and effortless offer your customers a buy now and pay later option and boost black Friday Sales.


  1. Advertise deals online.

Customers will be using social media as their Black Friday sales guide. Be sure to advertise throughout the month, but increase marketing the week of Thanksgiving. Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms to reach a large target audience. Be consistent and creative with your ads to see maximized results.


  1. Schedule extra staff.

Retail businesses can face overwhelming crowds on Black Friday.  Prepare for the rush by scheduling additional staff. This can help to reduce shrinkage, keep lines flowing, and ensure your store stays tidy even with large crowds.


  1. Extend holiday hours.

Black Friday isn’t technically starting on Friday. Retail stores are now opening the night of Thanksgiving and staying opening until the wee hours of Saturday. Stay competitive by opening early and closing late to maximize your Black Friday earnings.


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