5 Tips For a Successful Cyber Monday

Black Friday was made for brick and mortars store, but cyber Monday celebrates the e-commerce store.

The digital retail business has made its mark as we’ve watched big box stores like Toys R’ Us fall and online markets like Amazon rise. While it follows Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a unique retail holiday. Read on to learn tips on how to have a successful Cyber Monday.

  1. Add a promo code banner to your site.

Shoppers may not know about your Cyber Monday deals. Add a banner on your homepage that highlights your sales and the promotional code needed for the discounts.

  1. Increase inventory with a business loan.

Online shopping is all about fast delivery. Don’t risk losing customers by selling products you don’t have in stock. Increase your inventory by taking out a business loan. If you are not sure how to find the right business loan for you, check out the Financing Your Way retail business loan program implementation. The program will teach you all that you need to know about obtaining a business loan.

  1. Use Google shopping ads.

Google shopping ads are a great way to ensure your customers find your products. Google shopping ads include a photo of the product and are listed above the regular Google results so customers can easily see your products.

  1. Make creative social media ads.

Social media becomes a competitive battleground on Cyber Monday. With so many e-commerce stores offering discounts you’ll need to create eye-catching social media ads to ensure your customer visits your store.

  1. Extend and incentivize the sale.

Just as Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving Day and lasts until the weekend, your online store can extend it’s Cyber Monday sale. A great way to incentivize customers to purchase on Cyber Monday is to offer the deepest discount on Monday, such a 40%, then lower the discount to 30% on Tuesday, and end the sale on Wednesday with a 20% discount.



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