Auto Repair Finance Programs

Your auto repair shop deserves increased revenue and increased customer satisfaction. 

If you have considered implementing auto repair financing in your shop, we are here to help you understand the benefits. In short, auto repair financing will increase your revenue and customer service satisfaction levels.  

Increase Revenue

The auto repair business can be difficult with long days and dirty work. Most people don’t understand the amount of energy and time that’s put into an auto repair job. This is why they try to negotiate prices for the work that they have no understanding of. As a business owner this can be a frustrating scenario constantly having to justify and or lower prices just to make ends meet. Your shop deserves better which is why you should begin increasing revenues by offering consumer finance.  

The concept is simple. A client can’t afford to repair, so offer them an auto repair finance option so that they can pay overtime and make the bill work within their budget. The customer will then complete a short application and the approval decision will be made within a few minutes. You’ll receive your payment in full as the client pays over time to our finance company. You take little to no risk and increase revenues. You can even offer multiple finance options so that customers with bad or no credit can still qualify for auto repair finance. 

Customer Satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction levels will also increase, because clients love to know that they can afford your services. They walk out knowing that their car is being repaired without breaking the bank. They are inclined to refer you to other friends who may be in similar situations and need affordable car repair. You will start seeing good reviews on websites like Yelp and Google where clients will boast and brag about how amazing not only your auto repair business was, but also how amazing your auto repair financing was. 


Your auto repair business can get started today even if you’re already working with a different financing company. We may be able to offer alternative solutions, so that you never have to turn a client away. Contact Financing Your Way today to begin the process.



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