Should Your Business Offer Consumer Financing?

Making the decision to use a customer financing program can be simple. The first thing to consider is whether or not it is a logically sound decision for the company to offer financing to customers. If products are inexpensive or very reasonably priced, then providing options for consumer finance may not make sense for you. … Continued

When Start-Up Capital is Non-Negotiable

In the age of e-commerce, it is important for businesses to be abreast on the different types of working capital loans.   There are various types of working capital loan options to pursue but finding good sources of working capital finance are difficult and hard to come by.  The competition for obtaining funding is fierce … Continued

Multiple Forms of Financing

There are a number of benefits for your business to have multiple financing options or funding sources at your disposal.   Financing Your Way is able to craft a specific business loan that enables entrepreneurs to secure an adequate amount of working capital to start out with. Many new businesses that are unable to find … Continued

Financing Your Marketing Materials

Financing Your Way specializes in creating the perfect loan, to improve your marketing return on investment There are so many determining factors that have an influence in the process of advertising. It can be an extraordinarily expensive process and many companies use a fair amount of working capital on social media marketing and other marketing … Continued

How to Profit and Offer Customer Financing

We understand the importance for business owners to balance customer service and convenience while turning a reasonable profit. It is a common question on the minds of many business owners, “should I offer third party financing to my customers?”.  Consumer financing options can obviously seem like a good decision to make for your customers but … Continued

3 Ways St. Patrick’s Day Can Increase Sales for Your Business This Year

St. Patrick’s Day kicks off right before all the major holidays for the year. It gets people in a great mood to have fun and potentially make purchases. If your business is looking to add more foot traffic, patrons, or convert potential buyers into consumers, you should continue reading. Your business can offer point of … Continued

3 Ways In-House Financing Can Benefit Your Business

In-house financing can be a benefit to your customers and your business. If your customers are strapped for cash and would rather finance your services or products it could be a win-win for both parties. In-house financing could be a resourceful tool to convert browsers who are on the fence into confident buyers. Providing alternatives … Continued

Give Your Business a Facelift: 3 Ways to Bring Your Business Back to Life

Financing Your Way can take the weight of researching options for your customers by partnering you with the right resources to take your company to the next level. Businesses are always looking for ways to renew their stability in the market by cutting expenses and improving quality. To remain competitive, it is important to consistently … Continued

How Customer Financing Programs Can Grow Your Construction Business in 2019

Are you looking for professional financing options for your small construction business, but aren’t sure where to start? Your customers may need alternative options to pay for your products or services which in turn can grow your business and meet your objectives for 2019. Look no further, Financing Your Way has customer financing for contractors … Continued

3 Signs Your Business Is in The Growth Phase

Businesses have four key phases: start-up, growth, maturity, and decline. As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of which stage your business is in. The growth phase is the ideal phase to consider taking on loans and expanding. Read on to learn the telltale signs that your business is in the growth phase. … Continued

5 Business Tips from Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs live by a different code. Long days and late nights come with the turf. If you’re reading this chances are you are an entrepreneur, so you understand just how valuable advice from other entrepreneurs can be. At Financing Your Way we work with business owners each day, here are the top five tips from … Continued

5 Tips For a Successful Cyber Monday

Black Friday was made for brick and mortars store, but cyber Monday celebrates the e-commerce store. The digital retail business has made its mark as we’ve watched big box stores like Toys R’ Us fall and online markets like Amazon rise. While it follows Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a unique retail holiday. Read on … Continued

5 Tips For a Successful Black Friday

In the last 10 years, Black Friday has transformed into a retail holiday and the retail sector enjoys the profits. Black Friday sales draw out large crowds and prove why retail business discounts aren’t dead. By now, your business should be prepared for Black Friday, but we’d like to offer a few easy tips to … Continued

5 Things Investors Look for in Small Businesses

Attracting serious investors is every business owner’s dream. A true investor is looking for specifics to know that a business is worthwhile for investment. If your business is searching for an investor but doesn’t know where to start, read on to learn 5 things investors look for in businesses.   Proven history of profitability Investors … Continued

The Secret to Increasing Inventory and Profits this Holiday Season

It’s a fact that the holiday season kicks off on Black Friday. You’ve probably already considered whether or not you have enough inventory to meet the demands of the holiday season. If the answer is no, then you need a solution to increase your inventory this holiday season. Read on to learn the secrets to … Continued