Creative Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Business

The holidays are a good time to broaden your horizons and create an effective strategy for increasing your customer count!

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family and, of course, do lots of shopping! Customers spend an increased amount of time and money in stores and competition is on the rise. Employing new strategies into your business, like consumer financing and flexible payment options, you can get ahead of your competition. Here are tips for attracting new customers to your business during the holiday season.

Sell your products online

Many consumers are opting to avoid long lines and holiday tunes in brick and mortar stores this year. Online shopping offers convenience and comfort to shoppers who don’t want to leave their homes, but want to find great products to put under the tree. E- Commerce platforms like Shopify allow you to quickly and easily build your online store without having to hire a graphic designer. Be sure to track the inventory that you sell online so it doesn’t conflict with what you sell in store.

Offer Flexible Payment Options to your Customers

Another great way to encourage shoppers to do business with you is to offer flexible payment options. There are a wide variety of options include in-store financing and consumer financing. Customer get excited about spending when they know they can pay over time. At Financing Your Way, we work directly with businesses to create customized flexible payment options for the specific industry and clients.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. When customers have an amazing experience in your business, they become lifelong fans. Your customers post the details of their experience online and share it with family and friends. The referrals that come as a result expect the same outstanding experience. Train your staff to provide a consistent customer service experience so that customer satisfaction is always high.

Be Consistent on Social Media

Major companies rev up their marketing campaigns during the month of December and so should you. Social media is a direct channel for reaching your customers. Attract new customers by posting several times every day. Hashtags are also great way for you to search for new customers.

Price match your Competition

If your competition is selling the same products, you can attract new customer by matching their price. This strategy may require you to increase your inventory so that your average unit cost decreases. At Financing You Way, we can help find the perfect loan for increasing inventory. Inventory loans are a great option if you need short term liquid capital for the purchase of stock.

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