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Do I Need Auto Repair Financing?

Auto accidents happen which is why there is a need for auto repair financing.


The average American doesn’t have $500 in savings. The average auto repair is $1,300 or more. When your client’s car needs quality repair, they need a flexible payment option to afford your auto repair services.

Auto repair financing allows customers to borrow the money they need to fix their cars and make payments over time. This allows customers to get back on the road quickly and cover expenses that insurance doesn’t.

If your auto repair company hasn’t started offering auto repair financing, it is worthwhile to understand the importance of the service. At Financing Your Way, we specialize in helping auto repair stores get started with the auto repair financing process.


Here are a few benefits that we offer:

  1. We are an established company, with a great reputation. Check out our website and see our customer reviews. We have helped businesses within every industry implement financing so that consumers can feel more confident when they shop.
  2. Our service covers a wide variety of repairs and can help get customers financing up to $10,000. This is helpful for the expenses that car insurance just doesn’t cover.
  3. Our rates are fair and we can help customers with bad credit. We are a great alternative to traditional auto repair finance companies who only work with customers with perfect credit.
  4. Your auto repair company receives funding fast and there’s no risk involved for you. After customer is approved for auto repair financing, you receive funding within three business days. Our company takes on the risk and you’re able to generate more revenue.
  5. We help you with marketing your auto repair finance services so that you can attract customers who are looking for affordable repair services. We can help you understand how the program works and train your staff so that you could easily offer auto repair finance services.


The time is now. Summer is here and your auto repair finance program is waiting to be introduced. Get started with Financing Your Way today.


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