Financing for Auto Repair: How To Get Started

Cars and car parts aren’t made like they used to be. If you are in the auto repair industry, this is great for business, but only if your clients can afford it.

Auto repair finance programs are the best solution for your business to ensure customers can afford your services. Here’s more information about how to get started.

Step 1: Understand the need.

If you are reading this, chances are you understand the need for financing for auto repair. Still, it is important to evaluate your business model to ensure these programs fit. Auto repair financing would be offered to clients who can’t afford to pay for car repair services. If your repair shop turns down clients because they can’t afford the auto repair services, you have a need for auto repair financing. Even if you already offer financing options, having an additional program can help to ensure customers with various levels of credit history can qualify.

Step 2: Partner with a finance company.

Not all financing programs are created equal. At Financing Your Way, we specialize in providing financing options for businesses in the automotive industry. Our auto repair financing programs are designed to fit the custom needs of your auto repair business. We work to ensure that your financing options are best suited for your client base and provide an easy to use application process to make your sales process simple.

Step 3: Offer your financing options.

Once you partner with an expert in financing like our team at Financing Your Way, you can rest easy. You can offer your automotive repair finance to clients who need them. Your business receives the money in full each time an applicant is approved. Your auto repair business will see a boost in revenue as your sales increase and you turn away less customers.


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