Financing Your Way Sets the Standard in Training

You have probably considered offering a buy now, pay later program in your retail business, but you may feel overwhelmed by the task of training and implementation.

Financing Your Way has an ear to the retail business community and has designed specialized consumer financing training services to help buy now pay later options smoothly integrate into any retail business model. Read on to learn about the new standard in consumer lending program training.  


Customized For Your Business Model

While the principles of retail are overall the same no matter what product you sell, Financing Your Way recognizes that every business is unique. We set the standard in consumer financing training services first by learning what makes your business unique. We then create a customized consumer lending program training that reflects and fit in directly with your business model. You won’t just learn generic information, instead the training curriculum will be designed specifically for your business.


Offered to All Staff

Management staff is not the only employees who should have a solid understanding of how your consumer lending program works. Since your staff is constantly in contact with your customers it is important that they understand your programs. We offer consumer financing training services to not only management but also to your frontline staff members. The consumer lending training program will teach the ins and out of closing the deal.


Includes Marketing

Our team at Financing Your Way want to go above and beyond to ensure your business is successful in the implementation of its consumer lending program. We offer customized marketing material as part of our training program. These marketing materials can be used in your storefront, on your website, and on your social media.


Financing Your Way is setting the standard in consumer financing training services. To learn more about our program visit our website to get your free consultation.



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