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How Can I Improve My Pet Store Business?

Owning a pet store is one of the most fulfilling experiences.


Connecting people and animals together for lifetime bonding is a passion for many business owners.

If you love animals, so much that you decided to start a pet store, then you should also read on to learn more about pet store financing. You may think that your pet store should take a business loan but the more profitable option is pet store financing. Here’s why.

When you offer pet store financing you’re helping loving pet parents take home their dream animal. Pet store financing encourages pet owners to have the pet that they want and not just a pet that they can afford. Human animal bonding should not be limited to an individual’s budget. Allowing customers to pay over time for the animal that they adore helps to create more genuine and long lasting pet placements. As a pet store owner, your main responsibility is to ensure that pets are in homes that can last forever. When the genuine connection between the pet owner and the animal occurs, this creates a lasting bond. Pet store financing helps to ensure this bond is not broken. If your business is interested in pet store financing, here three steps you should take to get started.


  1. Contact Financing Your Way

Financing Your Way is the leading provider of pet store financing. We specialize in providing financing for pet stores so that you can trust you are getting the best option for your customers.


  1. Train Your Staff

When your staff understands how pet store financing works, they can ensure that customers also know how it works. Your staff directly communicates on your company’s behalf, so be sure that they are well trained and educated on the financing options your pet store offers. One of the great things about Financing Your Way is that we offer complimentary training when you choose us as your pet store financing partner.


  1. Tell The World

Marketing is the best way for you to announce that your company offers pet store financing. Don’t hesitate to use social media to tell your clients about the payment option. You’ll notice a boost in business when you begin to market your pet store finance option.



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