How do I Offer Customer Financing?

How many times have you heard “no,” and then the excuses that follow?


You know your prices are not higher than your competitors. Yet they seem to be closing deals consistently while you keep getting turned down. You know you need customer financing, but you are not sure how to offer it. Here’s your chance to learn about the process.

Understand the need.

Businesses like yours have had to make the shift into consumer finance, because Americans are spending less on luxury items and budgeting for the things they consider necessary. If your items are not affordable, they will not be purchased.

Partner wisely.

Not all consumer finance providers are created equally. If you want to offer customer finance that works for you and your clients, it takes you to your do due diligence. Financing Your Way is a great option, because they specialize in helping small businesses. They offer customer finance options that are affordable for the customer and beneficial for the business. As a business owner, you will receive timely payouts and you take no risk of default.

Train staff.

Your staff will need to understand your consumer finance options and how best to offer them as well. Financing Your Way provides staff and management trainings so that your business can competitively offer consumer finance options. The trainings are customized and the objective is to make your team world class sellers.

Increase marketing.

Your marketing efforts reflect your ability to close the deal. Your customer should know that you offer customer finance, before they ever walk in the door. This means utilizing your website and social media to broadcast your offers. Financing Your Way helps small businesses with marketing, as well.



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