How to Boost Sales With Retail Catalogs

If modern marketing trends such as social media posts have fallen short for your business, the traditional print catalog method might be a great option for you.

Catalogs typically do well in target markets of 55 and up, as these individuals prefer print rather than digital. If you have considered using a catalog to boost sales, here are a few suggestions from Financing Your Way.

Get great photos 

Catalogs are an ideal option if you have an established mailing list. Still, you need to secure the trust of the audience you are targeting by showcasing professional product photography. Even if photography isn’t your specialty, do your best to be involved in the creative direction of the product shot, so that you are happy with the final product.

Offer financing 

Catalogs are a great way to promote retail consumer financing. Each product should have a quality photo, a short description and the price listed as a monthly installment with your retail consumer financing and the full price. At Financing Your Way, we specialize in retail consumer financing. We can provide pricing and disclosures for your catalog, and a simple online application portal. We remove the complications to make promoting and offering financing for your customers easy.

Focus on holiday retail 

The primary focus of your catalog should be holiday retail. Rather than trying to capture your entire inventory into a small book, choose 15-30 items that you would like to sell in your catalog. Remember that customers can always come into your store if they are interested in seeing your full inventory. Your catalog is simply a way to make holiday shopping simple.


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