In store finance

How to Offer In-Store Finance

As a business owner put yourself in the shoes your customer.


They enter your store and want to purchase, but they want to use credit and pay over time. Your store offers an option that is reliable and convenient called in-store finance, which makes funds readily available. In-store financing allows the flexibility of buying anything at any time. This type of finance encourages your customer to finance directly through your store.

You’ve probably heard of credit cards that have the feature of in-store finance like GO MasterCard, Gem Visa or others. A growing number of stores offer  in-store finance to customers, so it is becoming more common. Some stores even have the option of long term in-store finance, while others feature promotions with 0% interest rates and interest-free periods. If you want to offer in-store financing, here how your business can get started.

  1. Do your research

If you want to go for a credit card that has the option of in-store finance, you can begin with searching for retailers, but this will take hours as there are thousands available. We recommend you choose the best in-store financing program which is offered by Financing Your Way.


  1. Get the education

After you have signed up for in-store finance,  Financing Your Way will provide training and information about program. This training will help you offer the best in-store finance to your customers and provide accurate information about the program to your clients. The more you understand, the better so opt for education that is personalized to your business.


  1. Understand the affiliation

There are certain stores which are linked with credit cards and in-store finance. This has a lot to do with the affiliation of the credit card company. Understanding these affiliations can help you promote your in-store financing, because your customers will trust the brands they recognize. They may also get the benefits of getting a lower rate of interest and longer payback time.



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