How to Profit and Offer Customer Financing

We understand the importance for business owners to balance customer service and convenience while turning a reasonable profit.

It is a common question on the minds of many business owners, “should I offer third party financing to my customers?”.  Consumer financing options can obviously seem like a good decision to make for your customers but is it the right decision for you?  Will your profits sail or suffer? Businesses who wish to offer customer financing will generally do so with the assistance or backing of a company, but none are like ours – Financing Your Way. We will offer a number of different financing options for your customers.  There are quite a number of businesses that choose to offer customer financing programs without sacrificing profit at all. In actuality, offering financing options to customers who need it may increase your business’ profit margin.

In today’s economy, consumers are beginning to understand that arming themselves with information regarding purchases procured with credit is the best way to invest in these purchases at all.  Customers have even come to expect to have financing options available specifically for large purchases or big-ticket items. The average customer cannot afford to or would simply rather not pay $500 for a computer when they can pay for that same computer in small installments over time.  An item that would normally have been out of their reach is now available! This simple equation brings increased revenue to the businesses offering consumer financing. Customers would much rather have financing readily available and at reasonable interest rates as opposed to committing to high interest, long term loans.

Financing Your Way can help you figure out this process which can be confusing for business owners, just as it can be for patrons and consumers. Consumer financing may be the answer for your business if you largely cater to a demographic or population that may have marginal credit scores or minimal income available. It can increase our profit margins as well as ensure that our products or services are truly reaching the people that need us the most.

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