Make Your Patients Smile With Consumer Dental Financing!

Having a multi-faceted consumer dental financing program can drive revenue to your bottom line today!

You hear it from your clients each day, complaints about how dental visits can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences – physically and financially, but the latter doesn’t have to be.  There are options to ease your patient’s financial pain and strain and get them back to smiling again.  You may be already offering consumer financing for dental services, but here’s why you want to explore your options.

Financing Your Way offers multiple options for your customers

Accidents are unfortunate occurrences and tend to happen when your client least expects. Dental accidents specifically cause extreme pain and can lead to deadly diseases, if left untreated. In many cases, patients are unable to pay out of pocket for these costly incidents. This is especially true for customers with no dental insurance and bad credit. If you only offer one form of consumer dental financing, you will most likely have to turn clients with bad credit away. When you partner with Financing Your Way, you can offer alternative, nontraditional consumer financing options to your customers with bad credit and significantly increase their ease and health.

Increase the revenue of your dental practice immediately

Should you choose to offer consumer financing options to your dental patients, your practice will receive payments in a short and timely fashion.  Your business is guaranteed payment regardless of delays or defaults caused by your patients. With customer financing their dental expenses, your office reduces the costs and associated risks of collections, billing, and bad debt, which inherently assists in adding revenue to your bottom line.

You can finance with confidence!

With over 15 years of experience in the retail market place, Financing Your Way proudly stands behind its promise to provide the best financing solutions possible to meet the needs of your business. Working to take the headache out of your business’s financing program, Financing Your Way has established partnerships with financial lenders all across the country so that they can pair your business with the right lenders. Financing Your Way offers single and multiple lender platforms, as well as customizable in-store financing options. Besides matching the right lenders with your business, Financing Your Way’s goal is to help you maximize your financing program’s potential through personalized training and access to effective marketing tools.


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