Professional Financing: 3 Tips to Start 2019 The Right Way

Offer customer financing as a way to boost sales and revenue.

If your business could use a boost for the new year, read on the learn more about professional financing. The holiday rush is over for retail businesses. The month of January can tend to be slow for retailers because many customers plan to spend January paying down credit card debt and recovering from the holiday spending frenzy. Still, this doesn’t mean your business should not be focused on maximizing sales for the year. Here is a guide to using the slow retail season to prepare for a fruitful business year.

Start Offering Professional Financing

If you have created your own program for offering financing to your customers, chances are you are stressed and struggling to keep up with your customer receivables. Your business deserves a professional financing option. Financing Your Way can help you offer customer financing without the headache. You can rest easy when you choose professional financing because it is easy for customers to apply and as soon as customers are approved you receive your payment in full. There is no risk and no waiting to be paid.

Make Any Changes to Service Providers

If you had issues with service providers in the prior year, now is the time to switch. Maybe your internet was slow, or your merchant service provider had extremely high rates, now is the perfect time to swap providers. During January, businesses typically run specials to acquire new clients. You may find lower rates and better options for the services you need.

Hire New Staff

After the holidays is when the employee candidate pool is the largest. People are looking for new jobs to start the year. You can begin your hiring process and start interviewing candidates to ensure your business is properly staffed for the new year.


Don’t be discouraged during the new year if your sales are slow. Take advantage of this time by beginning with professional financing. Your business and cash flow will thank you later.

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