Retail Finance: An In-Depth Look at How It Can Help You Drive Revenue!

If you’re not offering retail financing, or only offering one choice, your bottom line is missing out!

Retail finance is simply an option for a customer to make a retail purchase today and pay for it over time. Retail financing is a newer phenomenon with new companies arising and offering the service each day, but companies like Financing Your Way have over 15 years of experience in the retail financing space.

Financing has changed the way consumers purchase

The staff at Financing Your Way knows we live in the age of consumption. People no longer work for several months or years and save their money to make high ticket purchases. Convenience is everything so consumers are open to exploring retail financing as an option for paying for goods.

The purpose of retail finance is to boost the revenue of the store owners. The application takes seconds and the approval process can be made within minutes. When a customer is approved, the business owner is fully funded within a few days. There is no added risk to the business owner.

A robust retail finance program needs to be properly managed

Financing your Way specializes in offering small retail businesses the option to offer retail financing to their customers. They also provide training and marketing material so that staff know how and when to introduce financing options.

If you own a funeral service business, pet store, musical instrument store, bridal or special occasion outfitter, or any other type of retail store, you can benefit greatly from offering retail finance. Even if you already offer retail financing in your store, but rarely see clients are approved, you can benefit from offering multiple options of financing.

Your clients are unique, and their payment options should be too. Contact our friendly staff at Financing Your Way to learn more about how our flexible consumer financing options can help you say yes to more clients.


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