Strategic Investment Tips for Business Owners

Your business is your baby and you want to see it grow.

Investing is a sure fire way to ensure the growth of your business, but with so many options how can you ensure your investment is strategic and will yield the highest return on your investment? The retail business loan program training at Financing Your Way is designed to help business owners navigate the topic of loans and investment. Read on to learn more.

The top two most debated investments that business owners in the retail business loan program training at Financing Your Way are renovations or inventory. We believe that inventory is always a better option for investing in a business loan and here’s why:
  • Inventory can be purchased at wholesale prices and sold at retail. This is an almost guaranteed way to earn the money back. If your business sells products the increase in inventory should yield at least double the money that you borrowed. The ideal strategy would be to pay back the loan and use the remaining earning on renovations
  • Renovations can make your business look better, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will increase income. If you are torn between renovations and inventory, remember that your current customers are already shopping at your business as-is. Why not offer them the products they love and use the proceeds to make renovations.


There are some situations in which it may be necessary for your business to invest in renovations. Here is a couple:
  • Your business suffered damages that your insurance won’t cover. An example of this is vandalism which is often not covered by insurance policies. If your business will use a loan to restore damages from vandalism, enlist the help of the community to assist with efforts to keep costs at a minimum.
  • Your business is moving into a new location and upgrades are needed. Balance the funds as best as possible with inventory and do the most important upgrades first.


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