What Are the Most Popular Financing Options for Consumers?

Let’s explore an issue that many business owners have to contend with when making large purchases.  Financing options can be difficult to understand especially for those of us who have never encountered these types of business challenges in the past.  It’s important to understand financing options for consumers not only as a consumer, which we all are at some point but also as business owners who may decide to offer customer financing options to our customers.  The two basic options for offering consumer credit are open-ended and closed-end credit circuits. The open-end credit is generally used for large purchases. The installments are paid monthly and customers are allowed a type of grace period in which they do not have to pay the full monthly amount each month.  Typical consumer credit cards are the most common type of revolving or open-end credit.

Another important aspect to consider when we are exploring whether or not we should offer customer financing options are the interest rates.  Last year, the average interest rate was just over ten percent according to the Federal Reserve. There are also some banks that have lower interest rates.  Interest rates are always most certainly something to consider when selecting which banks or financiers that we want to work with and expose to our customers. Different loan companies also have various restrictions on the amount of money that can be loaned whether they express having a minimal amount or a maximum.  

Research is always important no matter the topic and is something that we should always do.  It is also something that we should encourage our customers to do before procuring any kind of loan or financing.  Financing can be convenient and can also be profitable for businesses by increasing revenue however it is definitely not something to be undertaken lightly by any party.  


The only way to ensure that we are making the most appropriate choices for ourselves and our businesses is to consult professional financing experts like the team Financing Your Way.



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