Wholesale Financing for Clients: A How-To Guide

Ever wondered how you can offer third party financing to your customers?

Wholesale business owners face a unique challenge because they offer products in bulk. If you can relate you’ve probably wondered, “How can I offer third party financing?” Here is your guide.

Identify clients who can benefit from wholesale financing.

Retailers can always use a break, but surely you have clients that would benefit greatly from third-party financing. Start by identifying clients that are in growth mode. Retailers that are growing need more inventory. By offering flexible payment terms these retailers can purchase more now and pay later. The greatest perk of the program is that your business doesn’t have to wait for payment, because as soon as your client is approved for wholesale financing you get paid in full.

Choose the best partner.

Not all finance companies offer no risk terms. Financing Your Way is a leader in the industry of financing. We work closely with a network of lenders to ensure that your needs are met. We negotiate on your behalf and create customized financing programs that are ideal for your business model. We start by getting to know your business and helping you create a growth track. You won’t have to stress about things like “how can I offer third-party financing to my customers?” We make it easy for you to get started.

Increase your sales.

Naturally, your business will increase sales when you start offering financing. Since your business receives 100% of funding upfront, you will be able to increase your inventory and provide products to more clients. This model is a win-win for your business and your clients. Get ready for a fruitful 2019 for your wholesale business.


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