How Do I Offer Financing to My Construction Customers?

One of the best ways to increase customer loyalty, conversion rate, and sales is to offer professional financing to your construction customers.

Financing programs help customers commit to bigger investments very easily. Financing Your Way understands in the construction business customers don’t always plan for mishaps with their companies or services and may need a little extra financial assistance. Constructors may assume that customers have the financial backing to support the job request, but that assumption can hurt your business. It is best to provide multiple payment options for your customers to keep your business going and your customers satisfied. 

Here are a few options we want you to consider while preparing to offer customer financing:

  • Merchant cost for offering financing.
  • How hard is it to provide customer financing?
  • Eligibility of your customers for financing.
  • Pick us as your resource for finding the best lender for your business.
  • Inform your customers about your professional financing options.

Promote your customer financing process to increase your customers and sales. This will help with the conversion of potential customers into regular customers. You can partner with Financing Your Way and offer customer financing to support your customers’ needs. We have third-party financing options available for your customers. Within a short time, customers will learn if they’re approved or denied and move on to making a purchase for your products or services fast and easy.

Offer professional financing at affordable interest rates.

Our partners at Financing Your Way offers reasonable and affordable rates. Our goal is to keep you in business and grow your profits, not put you in debt. Don’t stress yourself by trying to find a third-party company. We handle everything in-house, with just one simple call we can set you up easily. You can offer your customers a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year financing to grow your business.


Partner with Financing Your Way, Call us today at (866) 870-7361, for more support on how we can grow your business with another component such as professional financing. Not only will it work for your business strategy, but it will grow your business in no time.



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