Consumer Financing Programs for Businesses

Why Finance With Us

The Financing Your Way Difference

We work with retailers all across the county to drive success with financing options. We are also retailers with over 15 years of experience using financing every day in our businesses.

Our Expertise Sets Us Apart

The Financing Your Way team is dedicated to connecting you to the best available financing options for your industry, as well as providing a hands-on approach to help train your team based on proven systems that drive success.

  • Management & Staff Training

    Implement proven processes to train and track your team to seamlessly implement financing or multiple forms of financing in your business.

  • Marketing Materials

    Advertise financing options with in-store signage, customized newsletters and social media campaigns.

  • Tools & Templates

    Access our learning center and have customized tracking documents and scripts to sell financing.

Consumer Financing Programs

We will help your business offer customers flexible payment options by customizing a program to best suit your needs. There are same as cash options, as well as Multi-Lender Portals and In-store Financing programs.

Same As Cash Installment Loans

Same as cash or deferred interest financing is the most requested form of financing by customers. Are you currently able to offer your customer 6 to 12 months interest free?

Revolving Lines of Credit

Offering your customers an in-store line of credit in a huge benefit to you and your customers. Once your customer is approved, they will be able to come back time and time again to make purchase with you.

Multi-Lender Portal

At Financing Your Way, we believe more options are better. Having a multi-lender portal makes this process turn key. You will be able to create a custom portal that includes installment loans, revolving accounts, lease programs and in-store finance programs.

In-store Financing

Being able to customize an in-store finance program for your business can take you to the next level. Being able to approve everyone and charge interest really sets this program apart from others we offer.

Programs By Industry

Let us customize a financing plan right for you.


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