How Do You Ensure Competitive Financing Interest Rates for Your Customers?

Financing Your Way and companies like us most certainly advertise ourselves as an option for viable professional financing.  We believe that when businesses offer customer financing, it brings in more revenue for businesses. We work with lenders and banks directly in order to ensure that the businesses that work with us have some of the most competitive financing interest rates that are available.  Financing Your Way makes sure that as a business, we are able to assist with furthering how to understand the different consumer financing programs, working with various lenders and banks, and even how customers can apply for financing directly as a payment option. Not only do customer financing programs increase sales, but they also improve customer loyalty and drive return business.  Various business studies have shown that when a small business offers financing, their revenue increases by more than one hundred percent and almost two-thirds of their customers will return to make a larger purchase in the future when the store offers professional financing.

Another thing that Financing Your Way encourages businesses that work with us to do is to inform all customers of their various options.  Beyond simply providing the information however, it is important to make sure that we have any customer financing programs that are available prominently on display for every single person to see. Whether the financing that our customers need is being offered directly from us or whether it is being applied for through a third-party operator, it is most important to inform the customer and to make sure that they feel that we are invested in their investment with us.  A major way to catalyze this process is by having all information regarding interest rates, fees, etc. for each program in the forefront so that the customer always has access to this information. The most successful business is one that makes sure that the customers are well informed and know what all of their most up to date options are.


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