Ideas on Places Where to Leave Your Business Card

The purpose of a business card is the ability to leave them behind almost any and everywhere you come across prospective clients. Do you know what the best part about marketing your brand through business cards is? It is extremely cheap to print them which means you can distribute as many of them as you like. Does that mean you should throw it around everywhere you go? Absolutely, not. Financing Your Way believes you need to be very strategic when it comes to leaving business cards so that prospective customers see it, take it, and end up calling you to know more about the products and services that you have to offer. We can also provide more support to your business as we offer finance for customers of small businesses. Read on for a few ways to leave your business cards in ideal places.

Your trusted past clients.

The clients you know who can be trusted to market your products or services are the best way forward. However, word of mouth is simply not enough for this purpose. Hand out some business cards to each of your clients and keep a track of those who sent new clients your way. This way you can hand them more business cards the next time. Financing Your Way offers finance for customers of small businesses. If you own a small business and need financial backing, give us a call today.

What if your business card isn’t really a card?

Try to think outside of the box and offer people something they aren’t expecting. A pen with your details written on it is not only cool but also fun for those who end up receiving it. This way every time they use the pen it will remind them of your business, products or services. If you offer customer financing for your products and or services, be sure to add that on your business card. Include it on your business cards if possible, so that people know more about your business in a nutshell.

Shopping malls are a good place to hand over business cards.

This is the place that attracts a wide variety of customers. They are known for the diverse crowds that visit them. Leave behind your business cards in food courts where everyone is having a chat or enjoying beverages. It will give them a chance to go over your card. This is also a good place to let potential customers know your business can offer customer financing. Financing Your Way also partners with lenders who can offer finance for customers of small businesses. If you are in need of support to take your business to the next level, reach out to us at (866) 870-7361.


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