Ways to Create A Quick Operations Manual for Your Small Business

The importance of an operations manual in a small business can’t be expressed enough. Financing Your Way believes not only will it help you to achieve consistency but also enable you to avoid every pitfall that several small businesses often face. It has been seen way too many times that a business with incredibly solid service level has started to degrade slowly as it adds new employees, expands, and offers professional financing. Owning a written operational manual will offer the necessary discipline to help your business grow and stay on track. An Operations Manual happens to consist of all the information and know-how of your company. It can store all kinds of information which involves detailed procedures all the way to the company hierarchy.

In order to create an operations manual, you need to first decide the format. Choose anything from a booklet to a mini book for operations manual. Once that has been sorted out, we recommend considering the following sections:

Processes and Procedures

This is going to be the well-defined and the longest section in your manual. Document every process that is included in your business. From professional financing to the details and specifics of each service and product offered.

Customer financing programs & Business Policies

How does your business handle specific tasks? Financing Your Way believes it should all be mentioned in this section. If you offer special programs for your customers, such as customer financing programs, be sure to list the policies and procedures to do so.

Hierarchy and Roles

Mention the roles that you have assigned to your employees. It will consist of their responsibilities and who is answerable to whom.

Contact Details and Job Descriptions

This makes life for everyone quite easy. Whenever you need the essential details on a particular person all you have to do is take a look here. From the details of a security engineer to take care of cyber-attacks to anyone in the business whom you are in urgent need of can be found here. It will include names and positions as well.

Emergency procedures

Have procedures set up in order to act during emergency situations.


Remember to publish the manual so it is easy to find. Follow this format and you will be able to create a remarkable operations manual in no time. For more support on how Financing Your way can support your endeavors in offering professional financing to your customers while creating your operations manual, visit our website at financingyourway.com.


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